Motorcycles are awesome, and they deserve a larger place in the world. More people should ride them, and because most people go about it all wrong, they get put off instead of becoming life-long riders. Riding a motorcycle means freedom even when the world tells you otherwise. ‘Because you are in the scene and with the scene when you ride, and not witnessing the scene from behind a windscreen. You hear, smell, and feel, not just see.’ ZAMM-Robert Pirsig.

This community, is open to all bikers who own or would like to rent wheels.  We get together every other weekend, spend time and interact with new friends, as we ride and explore together. Silent Expeditions is open to bikers with disabilities. We are called Silent Expedition. An expedition to an infinite world where we keep on riding, exploring natural boundaries and rediscovering ourselves. It is not just about riding, but also exploring the world of art.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s saddle up!  However, before you do, drop a message to http://silentexpedition.com for more details.