Journey to Inspire Jammu to Srinagar

#Biking to #Srinagar brings excitement and apprehensions, considering the physical and political setting of the place, #Kashmir. We left Raina’s place after breakfast, at about 7 am, and he rode with us till the highway. He also gave us plenty of advice of what we can expect over the next 270 odd kilometres, which he said should take us close to 9 hours with stops and the road conditions. We used the recommended #Udhampur#Chenaninashritunnel #Anantnag route, which was the NH 44. The climb up mountainous terrain starts in Jammu itself, but the roads, or the beaten path was unpaved and dusty. On one side, there was the #mountain with the possibility of landslides, and the other side of the road, a drop! Soon, and for as far as the eye could see, a train of trucks carrying supplies, but all in a very orderly manner on one side of the road slowed us down and we were covered in dust. We were probably averaging a speed of 25 kmph on #motorbike! Quite an experience though before the well maintained #BRO roads after our first tunnel. The first tunnel that is between #Jammu and Udhampur, and you exited it to another world, open, green, and a few degrees cooler with the River Tawi in sight. Here we were advised to wear on our thermal layer to keep the cold out, something that you can’t experience when in a car. The #Syama tunnel was all too impressive, known to be the longest tunnel 4 lane road tunnel as yet, was well lit and airy. The sights on exiting the tunnel once again open out into a spectacular view of mountains and valleys, where the river #Chenab flows, and the smell of that fresh high-altitude mountain air. Everybody around seems to be used to this beauty that surrounds them, and seem to be going about their daily routine. Tough call whether to stop and capture a memory, or go slow and savour the sights and just focus on reaching the destination…to be continued..
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