Journey to Inspire Udaipur to Jaipur

he initial plan for the day was to meet with the people from the deaf association, see a little bit of #Udaipur, and ride to #Jaipur. We were told that the roads are great, and we could do the 400 km. ride in 6 hours easily. But my tummy was upset, the people we had to meet were free only later on during the day, and hence we decided to stay in Udaipur and leave the following day. This also gave me time to continue writing my assignments. Arpit Bhat, a biker, recommended the place we were staying at and we met with the people we were to meet at the hotel itself. We ended up staying another day in Udaipur, since Archana realised that she needed to get her #bike serviced, and I still had the runs. Arpit brought a home-cooked meal and shared with us some history of the Udaipur, the Mewars and the Marwars. We met with his family as well. More people came by to meet with Archana, while she shared the purpose of our ride and heard their challenges. We didn’t get to see much of Udaipur, but the black tea there was interesting. Been over a week, missing #home, would have to settle for video calls. Felt odd not to be #riding for 2 days, after been on the road for a week continuously. Here are some pictures from the previous day. The landscape is getting drier…
#silentexpedition #journeytoinspire #ride #travel #biking #rideforacause #ktm #duke390 #enfield #thunderbird # tuskerPAM #daineseagvindia #journey

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