Journey to Inspire Patiala

Continuation of day 13 (11th May 2018)
After meeting with @Palisingh which was luckily on the main road. The road from #Panipat to #Patiala was great, except for the part in the city. We left late as we were deciding whether to meet Pali Singh in Karnal or at Panipat, and ended up meeting in panipat. He is an avid biker and was familiar with the places we were headed to. This allowed for us to leave the city post noon, but our next destination was only about 160 kms. and the roads were great. So we knew we’d reach in 3 hours or less. The unruly city traffic took some time to clear. Although it was a highway, there were bullock carts, auto rickshaw, hand-pulled carts amidst other motor vehicles. This, with the summer mid day heat ensured that we keep riding. A stop, even under a tree would only leave us soaked in sweat. The country side roads were great, with paddy fields on either side, some fields were being burnt after the harvest to get ready for the next crop. The sky was mostly clear, but patches of smoke rising from the fields at regular intervals covered the horizon. Tajender Singh, Jeevan, and other from his biking group met us on the highway and then later we met with Archana’s friend, Amandeep Sharma who was a sportsman, and is a news anchor for the deaf, and hard of hearing himself. We met with his family and then stepped out to meet other members for the deaf and hard of hearing community for dinner, and we were soon close to 20 in all! The members here knew each other well, and the interaction over dinner went on for over 3 hours! Asking about our ride, it’s purpose, challenges and successes for the deaf and hard of hearing that we had met across the places we’ve travelled. Interestingly, here they seemed to have integrated much better with the society, and most of them had full time regular jobs, some in animation, some involved in small businesses…many of them married with a family and so on. We spent the night at Amandeep’s house and it was a day well spent! #silentexpedition #journeytoinspire #ride #travel #biking #rideforacause #ktm #duke390 #enfield #thunderbird # tuskerPAM #daineseagvindia #journey #rob #touratech

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