Journey to Inspire Patiala to Jammu

e were looking forward to get started with the day early, since we were riding to #Jammu! After quite a late night, we got some rest and headed out of #patiala for Jammu at about 8 am. The ride, was close to 400 km, and google maps showed us that it would take us about 7 hours, all along NH 44. The roads were typically a highway for most parts, but some of the portions were narrow lanes that would possibly allow only one large vehicle to comfortably pass. Or maybe we went off the highway. These places were crowded with people, shops spilling onto the road, bikes and cars that were parked in every nook and cranny. But it wasn’t as hot as from the earlier places we were coming from, yet we stopped quite a few times on the way for tea and some local snacks, and along a few dry river beds. These unanticipated delays saw to it that we entered Jammu only in the evening. We first met Rohit, who met us outside the city, and we rode in with him to the place we were stopping for the night. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get in touch with anybody from the deaf and hard of hearing community here. We were going to stay in with Rohit Raina, another avid biker who organises biking trips across North India. He and his family had a paying guest accommodation above his home. Raina had a lovely spacious sit out, but unfortunately, the power went out and and we could hear them mosquitoes buzzing. We were sitting out and with it getting dark and with the electricity out, Archana could not participate much in conversation. Raina’s biking explorations, and his physical challenge made for interesting stories. He is also a classical musician, and teaches students. An old college friend of mine was also staying in Jammu, and it was wonderful that Anoop and I got in touch and he dropped by for a while. Dinner was homemade Kashmiri pulav and local Jammu food. The table and chair allowed for me to write some of my assignments for the course I was doing. What a way to end the day, nevertheless, anticipating the next day’s ride to Srinagar!
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