Journey to Inspire Panipat

Day 12 was the 10th of May and it saw us leave the #pinkcity #Jaipur only in the afternoon since we were expecting to have a press meet. Unfortunately, this didn’t come through. But worse was riding through the city in the heat. It was a little after 14:00 when we finally left our hotel, which was just off the highway. By the time we packed and loaded our luggage, we were drenched in sweat. The heat showing no mercy, we were off through traffic on the crowded streets, noisy and dusty by lanes till we got to the highway. As we got moving, the air though dusty, gave us some respite from the Jaipur summer afternoon heat. Bustling city traffic and honking gave way to quiet and views of #arid #landscape. While we were unhappy that we only got to see this side of Jaipur, we did leave feeling that we inspired some of the people we met at the deaf school, and we were sure glad to meet bikers invested in this cause. The distance to our next destination was 370 km. to #panipat and in spite of leaving in the afternoon, we were keen to get there. Knowing that we were behind schedule owing to the time we spent at Udaipur. We being further North in May meant that the #sun was in the sky for a longer time, and #dusk lasted longer. The riding was lovely with the sun to our left, and the sky slowly changing colour with the #sunset The roads were good, but we were told to be on the lookout for cows on the highway! We reached at 10:30 after a few stops on the way, quite exhausted, hungry and relieved!
#silentexpedition #journeytoinspire #ride #travel #biking #rideforacause #ktm #duke390 #enfield #thunderbird # tuskerPAM #daineseagvindia #journey

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