Journey to Inspire Panipat to Karnal

Day 13 – Having left #jaipur , in the afternoon, our ride to historical #panipat was about 360 kms through blistering heat. As long as we were moving, the breeze would keep us cool thanks to the comfortable and functional #Dainese riding gear we got. The sun took quite a long time to set than what we in the south are used to, but the light was beautiful and so was the tarmac. The cattle on the road at quite a few parts kept us alert throughout. As the light faded, a chill started to set in especially when we were riding through paddy fields, places near Rewari in #haryana . The highways were mostly 2 and 3 lane, and well maintained. We weren’t meeting anyone in particular at Panipat, but just spending stopping for the night before we continued to our next stop. We reached at about 10 pm, and a buddy from Jaipur put us in touch with Tajendra Singh. He was from a riding club and he suggested a place we could spend the night, and took us to try some local sweets and lassi through the dimly lit yet bustling streets of Panipat. It felt warm and even humid in the city. We were going to #patiala next, where we were meeting with Archana’s friend who was eagerly waiting for us. We left the next morning from soon after breakfast to meet with with Pali Singh, an avid biker from #karnal . He was really glad for us and the mission we were on. Having travelled and explored many of the areas we were going to, he gave us details of the places ahead with the routes, time of travel, availability of fuel etc. all the way to Leh and back. This was really useful for us traveling there for the first time.
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