Journey to Inspire Jaipur

Day 9 and 10 was spent in #Udaipur, and unfortunately mostly indoors. We did get our bikes cleaned and serviced before we left to our next destination, #Jaipur! We left after another glass of black lemon tea with black salt. It must’ve been about 8 am before we got out of the city. Feeling thrilled to be on the road again, and hoping that my tummy would hold up for the rest of the day at the least. We had already informed the deaf community association as well as the biking community, and the latter were arranging for our accommodation. As the day proceeded, the temperature increased, and here too, it wasn’t easy to find a place to rest especially with during the overhead sun. With about 3 stops in between for fuel, food and rest, we reached Jaipur in the early evening, and proceeded to one of the offices run by the deaf association. They seemed thrilled to have us, and after us sharing the purpose of our ride, Archana was interviewed by one of the members, who was also a film maker. A few riders came to meet us at that office, and after spending about 2 hours there, we left to go to our accommodation. We met with more riders there and then proceeded to a a school for the disabled. Unfortunately, the school was closed for summer, but we did manage to meet with the staff and other members of another deaf community in Jaipur, who went by the name #rajputana #deafassociation Meeting with them was great and they had so many questions for Archana about her life so far and our mission for the future. We later went for dinner to a restaurant which was run by deaf people, called… We met with more bikers, including Vaishali, Manish, Baljeet and Manoj. Our accommodation was at a place just off the highway called…a comfortable and old place. We were riding off to … tomorrow.
#silentexpedition #journeytoinspire #ride #travel #biking #rideforacause #ktm #duke390 #enfield #thunderbird # tuskerPAM #daineseagvindia #journey 

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