Journey to Inspire Tumakuru to Davangere

Special masala dosa at Davangere

I was quite an eventful day. We left #Tumkur and the plan was to ride to #Belgaum. My bike didn’t quite seem to be moving well. It was a puncture! Looked further up and there was a puncture repair shop. Providence! Fixed the puncture, but it was a leak from a previous puncture. However, managed to ride on to a tire shop and he had one tire that would fit my bike! Just when we thought the worst was now behind us, a bag of mine fell off the bike and I rode on for over 50 km. before realising so. While Archana stayed back, I traced my route back, hoping to spot a grey backpack, which had a laptop, an iPad, some money, my thermals, and an assignment I was writing for a course I was doing. The people in one of these photographs found my bag, debated over it probably being election money, and had to argue with the passers by about finding a way to return it to the owner. I rode back about 30 km, and was about to give up as it was getting dark and I couldn’t see much. Then I got a call asking if I had dropped a bag and if I was who I was! These guys found my course’s ID card, which had my phone number on it. I rode back, found them, and my bag had everything intact, and wouldn’t accept anything for the favour! Relief and hope, very great full for them. We only reached #Davangere
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