Journey to Inspire Davangere to Kolhpur/ Day 3

we left #Davangereafter trying some special dosa. A feeling that it’s going to be a good day came to mind, considering that the previous day was rather eventful, but ended well. We stopped at #Belgaum a little after lunch time, met and interacted with the hard of hearing and deaf community. They welcomed us with garlands! I’m positive they were inspired with everything Archana has achieved-teaching art in an international school, a metal sculptor by profession, and one who rides a motorcycle and travels around the country on it. In the community, they support each other and some of them have government jobs, and some are land owners. They treated us to lunch, and took quite a few photographs, before they let us ride on to Kolhapur. It was close to 8 pm. when we reached, and the local biking community came to meet us. They took us to our hotel, didn’t let us pay for it and also treated us to a lovely #Kolhapur meal! We briefly met with some of the hard of hearing and deaf people to share our purpose and encourage them. The heat and the long ride did tire us out a bit…
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